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Braz & Associates was established in 2009 and this year we are celebrating our 11th anniversary. We are an IP Firm based in Maputo, Mozambique!

At Braz & Associates we aim to deliver professional, yet personalized services to our clients.

Our extensive experience and knowledge in handling critically important details of Trademark registrations, Patent applications, Anti-counterfeiting and more allows us to expertly navigate the regulatory landscape that is unique to Mozambique.

We have built our reputation as a committed and trusted IP agency in Mozambique over the past 10 years. Looking back, we are proud to highlight some of the developments and events we have been part of in our journey.

Our IP agents and attorneys have the kind of knowledge that is only acquired by decades of combined experience in IP Law in Mozambique.


Looking back, we are proud to highlight some of the developments and events


Timeline of Twenty Years of the Intellectual Property System in Mozambique
  1. 1999

    Reinstatement of the national intellectual property system by the approval of the first independent Industrial Property Code in Mozambique through Decree No. 18/99 of 4 May and the Regulation of Official Industrial Property Agents through Decree No. 19/99, May 4th.

    Decree 18/99 of 4 May also assigned to the Central Department of Industrial Property (DCPI), attached to the National Directorate of Industry, the power to provisionally administer industrial property rights, while preparing the creation of a specific body, by the Council Ministers.

    DCPI Director – Francisco Gundo

  2. 2001

    Approval of the Copyright and Related Rights Law, Law No. 4/2001, of 27 February.

  3. 2003

    Creation of the Industrial Property Institute (IPI), through Decree No. 50/2003, of 24 December.  IPI is of national scope, is supervised by the Minister of Industry and Commerce and is responsible for the administration of the industrial property system of the country.

  4. 2004

    IPI becomes operational and Fernando dos Santos is appointed as Managing Director.

  5. 2006

    1st Revision of the Industrial Property Code, now included in Decree No. 4/2006, of 12 April.

  6. 2007

    Approval by the Council of Ministers of the Intellectual Property Strategy for the period 2008 – 2018.  The strategy aimed to create fundamental premises for enhancing creativity, the results of scientific and technological research and local innovation capacity, by promoting the use of the intellectual property system for the scientific, technological, economic and cultural development of the parents.

  7. 2009

    Braz & Associates was Established.

    The National Inspectorate of Economic Activities (INAE) was created by Decree No. 46/2009 of 19 August.  In order to clarify its competences and tutelage, a revision was made by Decree 43/2017 of 11 August.  INAE is responsible for the overseeing compliance with the regulatory legislation on the exercise of economic activities and consumer protection.  With regards to intellectual property in particular, INAE is responsible for overseeing the legality of industrial property rights, copyright and related rights.  In this regard, INAE has played a crucial role in combating counterfeiting, in liaison with the IPI and law enforcement authorities.

  8. 2012

    Appointment of José Meque as new Director General of IPI.

    Fernando Do Santos left to join ARIPO.

  9. 2015

    2nd Revision of the Industrial Property Code, now included in Decree No. 47/2015, of 31 December

  10. 2017

    IPI receives a visit from the President of the Republic, which happens for the first time in history.  This visit formed part of his visit to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

    Ministry overview of IPI.

    In September, the Government adopted the resolution ratifying the accession of the Republic of Mozambique to the Banjul Trademark Protocol, adopted on 19 November 1993 and its implementing regulations.  The Protocol is administered by ARIPO.  On 7 November of the same year, Braz & Associates organized a meeting on the Banjul Protocol in Maputo, which was attended by the Director General of ARIPO, Dr Fernando dos Santos, IPI representatives, Official Industrial Property Agents (AOPI) and the general public.

  11. 2018

    Registration of the 1st National Geographical Indication

  12. 2019

    Braz & Associates celebrating our 10th anniversary.